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Tribute Technology

Since the beginning Tribute Boats has pushed the limits of conventional boat building. Smooth hulls that achieved high speeds with the available horsepower of the time was never enough, Rich Scheffer Sr. was among the first to incorporate lightweight composite interiors to reduce weight further. Never one to say "good enough", shaft enclosures and steppped hull design were introduced in the pursuit of speed and efficiency.. 

Composite construction is nothing new either. During the 86' build, Corecell, prepreg and vacuum bagging were used throughout the entire project. 

Our new designs started with a fresh piece of paper on the drawing board. Clean, beautiful lines above water with absolutely minimal drag below were the ultimate goal. Our boats are completely infused, foam and glass/carbon/kevlar one piece works of art that will last for decades when other "glue and screw" boats are coming apart. We embrace new technology and designs and continue to look for ways to evolve our craft of boat building.

New Designs

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