Tributes story dates back to more than 30 years when a young Rich Scheffer Sr. was the head builder for the legendary tournament boat building pioneer Jim Smith. Alongside Jim Smith the team went on to build some of the fastest and most advanced sport-fishers on the water. Following the death of Jim Smith, Scheffer went out on his own in September of 1992. He named the company Tribute Performance Boats as a "Tribute" to his mentor and life time friend, Jim Smith.  

    Scheffer would go on to build some of the fastest, most fuel efficient and advanced sport-fishers on the water. The first two Tributes were built for race car industry pioneers Hank Manley and Dick Moroso. With both of these guys obviously having a craving for a performance focused sport-fishing boat that handled much like their race cars- they turned to Rich Scheffer Sr.


    The need for speed, strength and superb engineering for longevity was to become the foundation for each new Tribute to follow. These masterpieces were immediately recognized for achieving 40+ knot performance and for being superbly built - exuding Palm Beach quality. With many in the fleet measuring in at over 70 feet, the larger Tribute's were built to travel extensively, stay on the troll and follow the fish without coming back to home port for major service. 

    We have grown with our customers and have striven to remain at the forefront of performance and sport-fishing.

Additionally, the Tribute Fleet has captured 3 Custom Boat Shoot-out titles, the prestigious charity event that hosts the industries "BEST OF THE BEST" in Custom Boats and Tournament Teams. 

    The legacy continues with the "Evolution" of Tribute Boats.

After 25 years of experience hand crafting these majestic vessels,  Rich Scheffer Sr. and his son Rich Jr. have formed a partnership with visionary John Gazza and yacht designer extraordinaire Steve Matthews to create high performance hull designs that follow Tribute tradition while marking the future of the Sport-fish industry. 

   -Once you build a boat with Tribute Boats, you become a part of our family. We look forward to crafting your masterpiece!